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Top 4 fresh produce market's prices
Market 18 Mrt (R/10kg) 15 Mrt (R/10kg) Difference
JHB 31.52


29.07 38.15


30.54 31.35

Cape Town

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Potatoes South Africa is a Non-profit company under the Companies Act 71, 2008 (Act 71 of 2008). In terms of its role in the potato industry, Potatoes SA operates as an industry association... Read more

Note: Potatoes SA does not trade in potatoes, we are an industry association.

Prospective buyers of potatoes can contact fresh produce markets in their region. Please consult the lists below for more information:
APAC registered market agents
SA mini tuber growers
SA variety list and local distributors


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SA potato price has shown resilience
Source: Annelie Coleman, Farmer's Weekly
In 2018, per capita consumption of potatoes in South Africa exceeded 40kg/person... By comparison, in 2000 South Africans consumed only 25kg/person. This increase could, among others, be ascribed to the success of...Read more

Rooibos skouer aartappels uit Sandveld
Bron: Johan Coetsee, Landbouweekblad, 7 Des 2018

Aartappelproduksie ervaar egter erge druk weens hoë produksiekoste, siektes (soos verwelksiekte) en ’n taamlik versadigde mark. Daarom word honderde hektaar tans met rooibos vervang. Lees meer


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