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What we do and how we do it

Our role

Potatoes South Africa is a non-profit company incorporated under the South African Companies Act No 71 of 2008 whose main objective is to serve, protect and promote the interests of the South African potato industry.

In terms of its role in the potato industry, Potatoes South Africa operates as an organisation and its structure represents a network of participating role players and individuals who have the development and competitiveness of the industry at heart.

Potatoes South Africa’s primary interest is therefore to build a viable South African potato industry through the

  • gathering, processing and compiling of relevant information and market statistics, the timely dissemination thereof as well as rendering an extension service to producers;
  • management of basic as well as applied research, including cultivar development and evaluation, and the timely dissemination of all relevant  technical information;
  • development and implementation of a marketing plan to promote the consumption of potatoes in the Republic of South Africa and abroad; and
  • assisting in transformation by developing emerging farmers with the objective of them becoming commercial potato farmers as well as creating market access for these farmers.

Core businesses of Potatoes South Africa

The core businesses of Potatoes South Africa are:

  • Management of an industry information system
  • Management of research, including the potato breeding program.
  • Management of a market development and product promotion program.
  • Transformation
  • Provision of industry services
  • Management of communication channels to share information with  potato stakeholders
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