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Market Development and Generic Product Promotion

Correct Weight as Indicated on Packaging

In the fresh produce industry it is critical that the consumer expectations are adhered to and managed.

Industry compliance in terms of the weights packed into a particular package is of great importance to not only meet the expectations of the buyer, but also to protect the integrity of the industry. It is thus very important that the industry ensures that there are sufficient checks and balances in place to guarantee that any package contains the amount of product stated on it, i.e. a 10 kg bag of
potatoes must contain a net weight of 10 kgs of potatoes and the same for a  7 kg bag.
This is applicable to all fresh produce and all other industries and sectors within South Africa. Read more

Good Food & Wine Show
Since 2014 Potatoes South Africa has been partaking in the Good Food & Wine Show, this as a way of carrying out one of the promotion mix elements of personal marketing. It is the first Good Food & Wine Show that the true efficacy of face-to-face marketing was realized. Potatoes South Africa at the time occupied 3 X 3 sqm stand which was constantly filled to the brim by stand visitors who were in awe of the many ways in which potatoes can be prepared, the unknown health attributes that were communicated, and perfect way in which potatoes fits every eating plan – from gluten intolerance to vegetarian, weight management, even cheat days too. Over the years the presence of Potatoes South Africa in the show grew in magnitude and size, leading to show visitors in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban begging for more. However, as with all good things, there comes a time to bid farewell.  Read more

Market Development
Market Development in the South African potato industry can be described as the expansion of the total market for potatoes by entering a new segment of the market, converting non-users into users and/or increasing usage per user. In order to develop the market it is imperative that attention is first afforded to the execution of the following strategic goals: Read more
 The power of consumer psychology


Township dwellers get a taste of pure potato ecstasyPotatoes South Africa appointed Promofresh to conduct a promotion that aims to drive sales from 29 March to 29 April 2016 in various townships and taxi ranks. This as a way of fulfilling a critical promotion mix element of personal selling. The campaign covered the following geographical areas of Johannesburg, Tshwane, Ekurhuleni, Rustenburg, Brits and Polokwane. The mechanics of the campaign were designed to brand pre-selected informal trader stalls, place promoters on those stalls for a maximum of three days where they were expected to interact and engage with consumers, impart potato knowledge, disseminate potato information, provide tasters to consumers whilst also enticing consumers to buy potatoes. One of the most fundamental tasks that promoters were tasked with was to carry out research whose outcomes would assist in gauging consumer perceptions and attitudes.
Click here for the full article
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Value chain analysis of the South African Potato MarketRead more

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