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Final Reports

Insect pest management
PSA Final Report D Visser (Pest Survey)
Final report Investigations into integrated control strategies for the potato tuber moth: pheromone traps 2017
Final report Insecticidal efficacy on aphids on potato in South Africa 2010
Final Report Tuber moth resistance studies D VISSER & T MAJOLA 2009

Nitrogen management effects on selected potato cultivars
Resource use efficiencies and risks associated with potato production in South Africa 2017
Effect of row spacing on drip irrigated potatoes 4 April 2016
Monitoring and quantifying factors that affect the growth and yield of potatoes

Cultivar cooking types/Kultivar kook-tipes
Mapping of diffent potato cultivars

Siektebeheer/Disease management
Aphid-monitoring_KKruger_Jul2014-Jun2017_25 FEb2019
Validation PCR test R solanacearum 2016.pdf
Fusarium dry rot of potatoes in South Africa 8 April 2016
Final report - Validation of virus specific PCR assays - A Espach 2015.pdf Validation PCR test R solanacearum 2016.pdf
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