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Potatoes South Africa’s transformation efforts are to identify and assist emerging Black potato producers to participate in the mainstream agriculture to evolve into fully-fledged commercial potato farmers.  These efforts entail, amongst others, training, production support, networking, mentoring and providing industry exposure.  Emerging Black potato producers from the Eastern Cape have shown keen interest to participate in the Enterprise Development programme of Potatoes South Africa. In addition, several communities have participated in Potatoes South Africa’s Small Grower Development Programme. 

It is well known that access to finance is one of the most significant barriers for development in Agriculture. This is no different in the Potato Industry, especially if one considers the high cost of production (e.g. the cost of producing potatoes is between 4-6 times higher than that of maize). It is for this reason that Potatoes South Africa decided to dedicate this year’s symposium to the issue of accessing financial resources by emerging farmers.

The aim of the Transformation Symposium is to create a platform, firstly for emerging Black potato producers and community project leaders to meet, discuss challenges, find solutions and plan the road ahead, and secondly for role players in the potato value chain to meet and be part of the solution in our quest to assist emerging Black potato producers to evolve into fully-fledged commercial potato producers.  In addition, it gives us the ideal opportunity to showcase the progress made and the successes achieved in the potato industry as far as transformation is concerned.

Potatoes South Africa previously held the Transformation Symposium in the Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape and most recently in East London. The attendees comprised of emerging and commercial farmers, different Government Departments and stakeholders from all other industry partners.

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