About us

Who is Potatoes SA?

Potatoes SA, headquartered in Pretoria, is a non-profit organisation that effectively represents, and actively advocates for South Africa’s potato industry and its producers.

As a prominent player in agriculture and agro-processing, the association prioritises potatoes, the largest fresh vegetable crop in the country, and promotes stakeholder collaboration through regular forums and committees, enabling all sector voices to be heard.

“We invite you to participate in the development of a successful potato industry - one that contributes to the overall prosperity of our members, consumers and, most importantly, our nation.”

Our Purpose

Potato SA's purpose is to be a driving force that represents the potato industry's authority, champions resilience and innovation, delivers excellent service, demonstrates dynamic leadership, and upholds transparency, stability and authenticity in all endeavours.

Our identity ?

Potatoes SA stands as a proud embodiment of excellence, innovation, and collaboration within the potato industry characterised by our:

Prominent authority and industry role:

With potatoes being the largest fresh vegetable crop in South Africa, representing a substantial share of fresh produce market turnover, we play a key role in shaping and advancing the industry.

Resilience and innovation:

We represent potato producers known for their resilience, willingness to take risks, and ability to overcome challenges. These entrepreneurs embrace innovation and uphold strong values, creating a solid foundation for the industry's growth and development.

Excellence in service delivery:

We are committed to providing outstanding service to all potato producers and industry stakeholders. Our mission is to safeguard and promote the interests of potato producers and the industry as a whole, ensuring that their needs are met and their voices are heard.

Innovative leadership and proactive approach:

Our leadership reflects a dynamic spirit supported by passionate enthusiasm. All leaders have a clear vision, strong opinions, and the ability to unite all industry players; visualising the broader agricultural landscape and responding effectively. Through innovative thinking and proactive action, we strive to promote progress that benefits the entire potato industry.

Transparency, stability and authenticity:

By fostering trust and open communication, the organisation creates an environment that promotes collaboration, facilitates decision-making, and advances the interests of the potato industry.

Our Constitution

Potatoes SA’s Constitution serves as a legal document that outlines the organisation's institutional structure, guiding principles, and operational framework.

Constitution of Potatoes South Africa Voluntary
Grondwet van Aartappels Suid-Afrika Vrywillig

Is Potatoes SA a non-profit organisation?

Potatoes SA operates as a non-profit company, established in accordance with the regulations detailed in the Companies Act. The association adheres to the adaptable provisions of the Companies Act that pertain to non-profit organisations, while considering any defined limitations, extensions, alterations, or substitutions as specified in the following memorandum.

Memorandum of Incorporation of Potatoes South Africa NPC

Our Team

We pride ourselves on bringing together a diverse group of experts, each possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience in various crucial fields, including agriculture, industry advocacy, cutting-edge research, and sector transformation. Beyond our core team, we acknowledge the crucial role played by shared services, administration, finance, and human resources (HR) in enhancing our impact.

This encompasses:

Simplifying administrative processes, enabling sector resilience and convenient access to vital industry information

Implementing impactful marketing initiatives, ensuring the seamless promotion of potato products.

Simplifying administrative processes, enabling sector resilience and convenient access to vital industry information

Prioritising responsible financial management, underpinned by industry stability, transparency and growth.

Nurturing a skilled workforce and cultivating a supportive environment for employee well-being.

By harnessing the collective expertise of these professionals, we are empowered to foster a dynamic environment of collaboration and innovation, working tirelessly to pave the way for sustainable growth and advancement within the potato industry.

Our Structure

Our association operates with a clear and well-defined structure that ensures effective governance and streamlined decision-making.

Board of Directors

Our esteemed Board of Directors at Potatoes South Africa comprises accomplished professionals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to guide our organisation. Committed to the success of the potato industry, these individuals provide strategic direction and oversee the governance of PSA.

Careers at Potatoes SA

Keen to join our dynamic team? Apply now and play a pivotal role in shaping the sector through valuable industry insights, cutting-edge research, compelling potato marketing strategies, and transformative initiatives. Let's work together to not only imagine but build the future of South Africa’s potato industry.