1. All media enquiries with regards to reported events or expected events to be directed to PSA Communication Section c/o Hanrie Greebe

2. From this nodal point concise and consistent replies will be formulated with inputs from respective Core Businesses.

3. CEO Willie Jacobs is spokesperson with prerogative to appoint a specialist on a specific media issue.

4. 1 Week required by PSA to assess enquiries on new/expected issues.

5. Producers directly affected by said issues will first be consulted.

6. After consultation with first line of producers, the rest of potato producers will be informed of the extend of said situation.

7. Only after above-mentioned processes are completed, information may be conveyed to the media and public via the designated authorities.

8. According to the POPI Act and on instruction of the Potatoes SA Board of Directors, no personal information of potato producers may be disclosed to third parties.