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CHIPS (November/December 2023)

Effect of fungicide application on cedara potato cultivars: 2022/23 growing seasonHost range of the powdery scab pathogen: importance of rotation crop selectionHaal die kopseer uit die kalibrasie van spuittoerustingAqua Farming glo in waardetoevoegingUps and downs on world potato markets

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CHIPS (September / October 2023)

Managing the risk of blackleg development and soft rot
Record early-season prices characterise world potato markets
Feedback on Potatoes SA Research Symposium
Plant parasitic nematodes associated with potatoes
Cultivar trials at Petrusburg and Greytown

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CHIPS (July | August 2023)

Fresh produce markets: packaging and repackaging to perfection
Kultivarproewe in limpopo, kwazulu-natal en oos-vrystaat
Resistance management of moths
Market monitor: first 22 weeks at fresh produce markets in 2023
Globally harmonised system in context

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