Goodness from the earth

A new strategic direction for the local generic product promotion of potatoes was introduced. There was a move away from sales promotions, personal marketing and trade shows to television, radio and print media campaigns, supported by social media and public relations. The strategy used is to reach targeted consumer segments in a way that impresses. The logic behind the strategy is to encourage the increased purchase of potatoes across all supply chains.

The slogan under which all campaigns were carried out was: Classic Goodness of the Earth. Why CLASSIC goodness? Fresh potatoes have been with human kind for over 16 000 years, and have remained one of the world’s most loved foods. The intrinsic value of potatoes may somewhat be forgotten by many due to familiarity. This new revamped strategy aimed to reposition potatoes as a perfect and suitable carb replacement, whilst also advocating it as the number one vegetable. At the heart of the strategy was a need to rekindle a love for potatoes, remind about the role potatoes play in the global food system, and restore the product’s reputation as a healthy, nutrient dense and wholesome food.

Key messages communicated through GPP campaigns were:

  • Potatoes are multifaceted – able to adapt or be adapted to many different cooking purposes and occasions
  • Potatoes are undemanding – can produce the most scrumptious of meals without much effort, thereby posing few preparation difficulties
  • Potatoes are packed with nutrients – baked, boiled or grilled potatoes produce the highest content of nutrients than meets the eye, it’s not the potato… it is how it is prepared and consumed!
  • Potatoes are high in carbohydrates– potatoes have a very high carbohydrate content. Carbohydrates are the body’s fuel for energy. Energy provides vitality.