Linkages with other role-players

A lot of effort and time has been put in ensuring linkages with other role-players in the industry. PSA has been working very hard to forge partnerships with different organisations that can play a role in making the Enterprise Development Programme sustainable. Farmers are only receiving support in terms of seed, training and mentorship and these linkages will allow them to have access to the other resources required.

PSA entered into partnership with NTK in the Limpopo area and successfully sourced funding from the Jobs Fund. Four (4) farmers are benefiting from the funds received from the Jobs Fund. NTK is fully involved in the implementation of these projects and all these farmers have access to all the resources required. The relationship with NTK has also opened doors for most farmers in Limpopo as they can now access inputs on credit from NTK if required. This has been a big challenge in the past where farmers struggled to obtain credit, which in turn impacted negatively on their sustainability.

Welkom farmers in the Free State have also benefited from the linkages that PSA has with the Free State Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF). PSA provided seed support only and DAFF assisted the farmers with chemicals, fertiliser and machinery. DAFF also boosted the farmers’ contribution towards their seed cost. This contribution was welcomed by the farmers who were not able to plant during the previous season due to drought experienced in the area.