Marketing Introduction

The increase in per capita consumption of potatoes in South Africa over the past ten years affirms that the investment in market access and development as well as generic product promotion is bearing fruit.

The purpose and existence of Potatoes SA’s Marketing Division is to aid potato growers to promote and sell potatoes both locally and outside the Republic of South Africa. For this reason, the Marketing Division performs two fundamental strategic functions: Generic Product Promotion (GPP) as well as Market Access and Development (MAD).

The South Africa Population is projected to trend around 60 Million in 2020, this coupled with reported water and land constraints, food safety and security are becoming much more prominent in South Africa, the continent at large and the globe. For industry to remain relevant, produce steady growth and live up to its mission: Together towards excellence in the potato industry, will require robust and innovative solutions.

Although the demand for potatoes and their consumption is growing, there is still a lot of work to be done to put it forward as a strong contender of fresh vegetables, locally and beyond the borders of the Republic of South Africa.

The South African population is expected to reach approximately 60 million people by 2020. This, together with water and land restrictions such as reports and food safety and security, is increasingly emerging in South Africa, the continent in general and the world. For the industry to stay relevant, it needs to grow steadily and live its mission: United to bring excellence in the potato industry, powerful and innovative solutions must be found.

All GPP projects are carried out under the slogan: Classic Goodness of the Earth – Always Fresh, always in season!

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