Research Introduction

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The main objective of the research programme is the improvement and maintenance of sustainable potato production. This implies production technology that does not impact negatively on the environment and natural resources.  The effect that climate change will have on potato production needs to be determined as it will also put pressure on the effective utilisation of resources such as water.

It is therefore essential for the competitiveness of the industry to have the necessary research capacity to monitor inputs and determine efficiencies of resource utilisation and to develop alternatives when needed.

PSA’s research is currently focusing on the following:

  • Cultivar evaluation to increase yield
  • Soil health, soil improvement and natural resource conservation
  • Quality
  • Virus and aphid control
  • Water use and quality
  • Cultivation / agronomy, especially fertilization and volunteer control
  • Management of soil-borne diseases: common scab; rootknot nematodes; powdery scab and soft rot
  • Potato tuber moth management
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