Tertiary Skills Development Programme

The PIDT annually awards bursaries to deserving students studying towards an agricultural related qualification with the emphasis on the potato production. The undergraduate bursary programme is primarily aimed at developing the skills of young talented students at existing potato enterprises. Their development is done through tertiary education at universities and agricultural colleges.

The postgraduate bursary programme, on the other hand, is aimed at making a contribution towards ensuring that there are enough postgraduates to address the relevant research areas affecting the industry as well as increasing the industry’s pool of appropriate qualified scientists. The Research and Development Core Business, together with the Transformation Core Business, are jointly responsible for funding and identification of the postgraduate students.

The Technology and Human Resources for Industry Program (THRIP), a joint flagship research and development programme of the Department of Trade and Industry and the National Research Foundation (NRF), has contributed R1 million to the Tertiary Skills Development Programme over three years. In addition, the success of the programme has also led to a boost in the funding of R750 000 by AgriSETA for bursaries.