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Potatoes South Africa

Potatoes South Africa is a non-profit company incorporated under the South African Companies Act No 71 of 2008 whose main objective is to serve, protect and promote the interests of the South African potato industry.

In terms of its role in the potato industry, Potatoes South Africa operates as an organisation and its structure represents a network of participating role players and individuals who have the development and competitiveness of the industry at heart.

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Enterprise Development

Following the skills audit conducted in 2014/2015, which highlighted some skills shortages/gaps amongst the Enterprise Development farmers, financial management training took place in the following provinces:

  • KwaZulu-Natal
  • Eastern Cape
  • Limpopo

The training was well received by farmers based on the review of the course that was done through an evaluation form. Farmers indicated that they have a need to receive this type of training in the form of refresher courses. They also indicated that they still require further training in terms of other aspects of the farming business to ensure that their business venture is a success.

Training of commercial farmers’ employees

PSA, through its Transformation Core Business, continued to partner with AgriSETA to ensure that employees of commercial farmers receive training. An amount of R500 000 was received from AgriSeta and was utilised in the different regions for the following training courses:

  • Forklift operator
  • Forklift refresher
  • Health and safety
  • Leadership for hope

AgriSeta once again approved an amount of R499 575.00 for the 2017/2018 financial year. Regional Managers will assist in rolling out the training in the regions they are operating in.

Commodity Project Allocation Committee in the Western Cape

PSA continues to play a leading role in the vegetable Commodity Project Allocation Committee (CPAC) which is the initiative of DAFF in the Western Cape. The main role of this committee is to allocate the grant funding to vegetable projects that meet the set criteria. During the year under review, R10 million was distributed to qualifying vegetable projects through this committee. The involvement of the commercial potato farmers has been valuable as they bring practical experience which assist in decision making and approval of funding.

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