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Potatoes South Africa

Potatoes South Africa is a non-profit company incorporated under the South African Companies Act No 71 of 2008 whose main objective is to serve, protect and promote the interests of the South African potato industry.

In terms of its role in the potato industry, Potatoes South Africa operates as an organisation and its structure represents a network of participating role players and individuals who have the development and competitiveness of the industry at heart.

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Potato producers make a direct contribution to the progress that has already been made to put black producers in the potato industry on the road to obtain commercial potato producer status through PSA’s Enterprise Development Programme. Other industry role-players, who took cognisance of the transformation successes, are increasingly becoming more involved with the activities of PSA.

Transformation in the potato industry goes much further than just black producers and communities that plant potatoes. The tertiary skills pipeline makes provision for bursaries to be awarded to students for obtaining agricultural-related qualifications that focus on potato production. Up to the 2018 academic year, 119 bursaries have been awarded to students for graduate and postgraduate studies.

The value that this adds to the expansion of the industry’s pool of knowledge cannot be over-stated. Furthermore, farm based training is also on offer and includes aspects such as tractor maintenance, forklift training, pack house training and first aid to equip farm laborers to do their work.

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