Who we are

We are a non-profit company


Potatoes South Africa (PSA) is a Non-profit Company under the Companies Act, 2008 (Act 71 of 2008), whose main objectives are:

  1. To serve as the mouthpiece of the South African potato producers;
  2. To establish and maintain a central representative body called the Potato Industry Forum, in respect of all potato affairs in which all the role players in the potato industry can participate and in doing so set industry strategies;
  3. To institute and endorse the maintenance of a national Potato Industry Development Trust which shall collect, distribute and govern industry levies in accordance to statutory strategies as set out in the government notices;
  4. To structure any business activity or service in such a manner that financial interests and results are transparent and are made available to all interested parties independent of PSA;
  5. To strive for the systematic development and environment friendly outlook of the potato industry, including, inter alia, the preservation of the soil and water resources, the maintenance and improvement of the fertility of the land and improvement of production and marketing methods.

In terms of its role in the potato industry, PSA operates as an industry association and its structure represents a network of participating role players and individuals who are involved in various forums and committees. The vision of PSA is to build a viable potato industry in South Africa.

Our Identity

The identity of Potatoes South Africa (PSA) is symbolised by:

  • The authority of the potato industry which, in particular, refers to the annual turnover of the industry, measured against the total agricultural turnover and which makes it a prominent role player in agriculture and in the food value chain. In addition, potatoes constitute the biggest fresh vegetable crop in South Africa and represent more than 30% of the turnover of fresh produce markets.
  • The solid character of potato producers, which is characteristic of high-risk takers who, at the same time, can cope with setbacks, remain optimistic and, most important of all, who are entrepreneurs, focussed on innovation and have solid values.
  • The essence of the organisation is based on excellence in service delivery to all potato producers, as set out in its mission statement, as well as to all other role-players in the industry. The organisation aims to protect and promote the interests of potato producers in particular and the potato industry as a whole.
  • The face of the organisation is representative of young, dynamic leadership, backed by passionate enthusiasm and the pursuance of stronger cohesion, as well as the ability to visualise the bigger agricultural picture and react to it with a clear vision, strong opinions, solid values, as well as the ability to establish a united front, representative of all role players. The organisation’s youthful character and approach create room for innovative thinking and proactive action – to the benefit of the potato industry as a whole. In addition, the organisation symbolises transparency, stability and sincerity in all its activities.
Our Vision

Together towards excellence in the potato industry.

Our Mission

To provide strategic support services to a dynamic industry, thereby enhancing the sustainability of potato producers in South Africa in the following way:

  • Providing the industry with industry-strategic knowledge and management support.
    • Industry strategic research.
    • Industry strategic information (market information, production information, macroeconomic information).
    • Knowledge transfer.
  • To provide support services with regard to South Africa’s potato consumption.
    • Market development support services.
    • Product promotion support services (e.g. consumer education, awareness creation, information sharing).
  • To provide producer development support services.
    • Competency development (knowledge, skills, bursaries).
    • Technical support (best practice, advice, cultivar trials).
    • Industry structure maintenance support.
  • To establish internal business excellence within PSA.
    • Business management and leadership through:
      • Business planning.
      • Corporate governance.
      • Organisational cultural development.
      • Business performance management.
      • Relationship management/communication between role-players.
    • Resource management.
    • Human resource management.
    • Financial management.

The purpose of the constitution is to provide a constitution for the Organisation as a voluntary organisation not for gain owned by its members and established as a legal entity in terms of its constitution; provide an institutional framework to implement national, regional and workplace strategies and provide a framework for the functioning of a voluntary representative autonomous national organisation for the potato producers of the Republic of South Africa.

  1. The Company is incorporated as a Non Profit company, as defined in the Companies Act.
  2. The Company is incorporated in accordance with, and governed by
    1. The unalterable provisions of the Companies Act that are applicable to Non Profit companies;
    2. The alterable provisions of the Companies Act, that are applicable to Non Profit Companies, subject to any limitation, extension, variation or substitution set out in this Memorandum.